Advanced Seminars and Classes

Advanced Outdoor Seminars and Clinics
School director: Varied
The purpose of our Advanced Seminars is to provide additional instruction and exposure to skills beyond what is taught in Mountain School and our Rock and Ice Climbing Schools. Topics and skills covered in the program include: Winter Camping Snow Caving Avalanche Crack Climbing Aid Climbing Movement on the rock High Angle Self Rescue Anchors Scrambling And other topics that the committee is able to get together and offer for our members. Fees vary depending on the activity, most are designed to cover any expenses and any textbooks recommended by the instructors..

Requirements of Registrants:

  • Be a club member
  • Be a graduate of Basic Mountain School or have equivalent skills and experience that can be demonstrated.

These seminars are a great opportunity to learn more in an area where you might have a specific interest or it just sounds like fun. These classes are a great way to futher your knowledge of who is out doing what. Great mentoring and leadeship skill opportunity for those of you who can assist in the instruction.

If you have other ideas about programs that the Climbing committee should look into and maybe offer, contact the chairs or any committee members.

Schedule information: Check your Kinnickinnick newsletter or the online blog for available classes and schedules.

Registration information: Vary