Cabinet Mountain Wilderness
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DO NOT USE THIS SITE TO CONTACT ME. I WILL NOT RESPOND--PLEASE CALL ME AT 208.659.8183 IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THIS HIKE. T.Y. Chic In our region, the Leigh Lake hike and paddle is one of the very best adventures you can have. We will meet at Henry's restaurant near the Rousaur's grocery store on the main drag on Saturday. After dinner we will drive to a primitive camp site just below the trailhead where we will camp for the night. On Sunday morning we will drive to the trailhead and begin the hike. Its only 1.5 miles to the lake, but gains 900 vertical feet on a moderate to slightly difficult trail. Our first break on the hike will be at Leigh Creek Falls. From here the trail gets steep and climbs about 200 vertical feet to the easy trail to the lake. At the lake we will inflate our rafts and get everyone on the water. The paddle around the lake is less than a mile to the lunch site. Along the way, we will paddle below a 3000' granite wall with hundreds of waterfalls and a huge snow terminus on it's face. In the southwest corner of the lake is a small beach to have our lunch. An option here will be a stroll up into the amphitheater after lunch. The paddle back to the take out is about a mile, where we will deflate our rafts and hike back to our cars. This trip is limited to 5 paddlers. I can supply the rafts, 3 kayak paddles and 4 PFD'S. If you have a long paddle, please bring them. In all the years I've done this trip, no one has ever gone overboard, but we should all have PFD'S just in case. With any degree of luck, we will have icebergs on the lake to paddle around. Be sure to bring your camera. Please sign up early and if you have any questions, call me at 208.659.8183. I will provide forest and Topo maps for all attendees. Please no dogs or children. Also, if anyone wants to do just the hike to the lake, please feel free to come along.