Mount Spokane State Park
Selkirk Lodge Mt. Spokane State Park, Mt Spokane State Park, Newport, WA, USA
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Hiking committee hike, followed by hiking committee planning! We'll meet at Selkirk Lodge at 10am. (Please note: the SnoPark lot in front of Selkirk Lodge requires a special grooming sticker. If you don't have one for your car, you must use the lower parking lot (regular SnoPark permit required). It's a short hike up to Selkirk Lodge from there.) We'll do a snowshoe hike out trail 260 just below Selkirk Lodge (get the map at This is a moderate hike of roughly 4 miles RT, and includes a climb at the end as we return to Selkirk Lodge. Please pack the 13 essentials & lunch. Following the hike, we'll hold a hiking committee meeting inside Selkirk Lodge. Bring a change of clothing in case you get chilled easily! Selkirk has wi-fi available. We'll focus on the spring hiking schedule & some advance planning for the upcoming Backpack School. Approved hike leaders can enter events online at any time; the print Kinni deadline is February 1st. Prospective leaders should review the materials on the document section and come with some ideas of trips to co-lead.