Mount Spokane State Park
Mt Spokane State Park, N Mt Spokane Park Dr, Mead, WA, USA
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Mount Spokane is just one of eight peaks in Washington's largest State Park, and on this hike we'll attempt to visit each peak on one long trek! We'll start at the large SnoPark lot and hike the western summits first: Beauty Mountain, Mt. Kit Carson, Day Mountain, and Mount Spokane proper. We'll return to our starting area via trail 130, so participants will have the chance to resupply snacks & water as we pass through (it's also the bailout option for anyone who finds today isn't the best day for this trek). Then we'll continue on to the east side of the trail system, with Shadow Mountain, Horse Mountain, Quartz Mountain, and Ragged Mountain. This is a challenging hike of nearly 25 miles RT with a lot of elevation change as we hike up & down each peak. Participants need to be prepared with the 13 essentials and an eye to adequate hydration and nutrition for an all-day & challenging hike. Hikers should be able to average 3-mph travel. We'll take a few rest breaks, too, but plan for a day that's mostly about movement, despite all the tempting huckleberry patches along the way.