Rochaat Divide
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WE WILL MEET AT THE CDA RIVER RANGER DISTRICT IN CDA AT SHERMAN JUST EAST OF I-90. Sorry I omitted his info. Crystal Lake is located on the Rochaat Divide between Cataldo and St. Maries. Once at the trailhead, we will climb the ridge to the south for nice views of the Coeur d'Alene National Forest and the St Joe National Forest. For about 1/2 a mile the "trail" is up. On top of the ridge we will walk south about a mile. As we descend the ridge to the south, we will pick up the southern trail down to Crystal Lake. At the lake there are a couple of campsites we will clean up, after lunch. To get back to the cars, we will hike the official trail back to the parking area. The fall colors along the scree slopes are sure to amaze. Please bring the following: 13 essentials, lunch and libations, trail snacks, two bottles of water, dress for all weather conditions, and don't forget your camera. PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING AT 208.659.8183.