Crawford State Park, Gardner Caves
Crawford State Park, Boundary Road, Metaline Falls, WA, USA
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Join me for a unique volunteer experience at Crawford State Park, Gardner Caves! In October the park closes to visitors, but there are some necessary end-of-season tasks to help put the park to bed for the winter. Washington State Parks is looking for up to 10 volunteers to help with these tasks. I'm scheduling this volunteer day for October 22nd as that's the only day I have available, but the project will continue through October 24th. Camping is available on site, starting the night of the 21st (I'll be going up Sunday afternoon to open the gate, so anyone interested should coordinate with me regarding arrival time). This is also a unique opportunity, as the park is not open to public camping. Experience the dark fall skies on the Canadian border! Our projects will take place outside the cave, but I'm sure a private cave tour can be arranged! Sign up here if you're interested in October 22nd, or sign up with State Park's Volunteer Coordinator Danny Murphy if you are interested in October 23rd or 24th ( Volunteers will need to have the 10 essentials, long pants, eye protection, work gloves, and be prepared in case of inclement weather. Note: volunteers can earn a Discover Pass by contributing a total of 24 volunteer hours at any State Park in Washington.