Our Mission

  • To encourage a spirit of good fellowship among lovers of outdoor life
  • To maintain a program of mountaineering trips, including mountain climbing, scrambling, backpacking, hiking, skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing, and bicycling, and provide capable and experienced leadership for all trips
  • To educate aspiring mountaineers in the skills of mountaincraft
  • To endorse the principles of mountain safety as prescribed by the climbing code and, when called upon, to provide all possible aid to mountain accident victims
  • To create greater public awareness of the intrinsic value of our wilderness, forests, waters, primitive parks, and monument lands and to seek the preservation of the natural beauty and scenic value of this national heritage
  • To preserve by the encouragement of protective legislation or otherwise the natural beauty of our great out-of-doors.
(from the By-Laws of The Spokane Mountaineers)