Honorary Members

  • 1920 - 1929
    • 1925: John Anderson
    • 1925: John E. Blair
    • 1925: Aubrey L. White
    • 1925: A. W. Deavitt
  • 1930 - 1939
    • 1933: Kenneth D. Swan
    • 1934: Sam Glasgow
  • 1940 - 1949
    • 1941: John J. Myers
    • 1947: Mae Dennis
    • 1949: Andrew Good
  • 1950 - 1959
    • 1952: Wanda Palmer Miller
    • 1957: Harriet Gadau Foster
  • 1960 - 1969
    • 1961: Earl and Dorothy Ferrier
    • 1963: Frank Hefferlin
    • 1964: Elwood Ryker
  • 1970 - 1979
    • 1974: Mabel Gould
    • 1977: Mike Sauser
  • 1980 - 1989
    • 1984: Pete Van Gelder
    • 1985: Marion Krauss
    • 1986: Tony Dolphin
    • 1989: Dave Bunch
  • 1990 - 1999
    • 1990: Kim Momb
    • 1990: John Roskelley
    • 1990: Jim States
    • 1990: Chris Kopczynski
    • 1991: Bill Fix
    • 1992: Lorna Ream
    • 1993: Joe Collins
    • 1994: John Dayharsh
    • 1996: Priscilla Wopat
  • 2000 - 2009
    • 2002: Steve Reynolds
    • 2004: Chic Burge
    • 2005: Kelsey Loughlin
    • 2006: Jeff Lambert
    • 2007: Lynn Smith 
  • 2010 - 2019
    • 2010: Rich Landers
    • 2012: Bill Pierce
    • 2012: Debbie Pierce
    • 2013: Galen Chamberlain
    • 2014: Rich Bennett
    • 2015: Founding members
    •     Margaret Glendinning
    •     Mabel C. Hutchins
    •     Ora L. Maxwell
    •     Reba Lehman
    •     Ruth Yeomen
  • 2020 - Present
    • 2020: Paul Fish
    • 2021: Brian Hoots

Club Leadership

The Spokane Mountaineers is governed by a Board of Trustees (active members), a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The president and vice-president serve one year terms; all others serve staggered two year terms. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in October. All members in good standing except associate members may vote and may run for office. Details as to who has been nominated to each office and balloting are provided in the fall Kinnikinnick (in 2021 the Club conducted electronic nominations and voting).

The Spokane Mountaineers, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Washington as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Dues and contributions go toward the benefit of our community, membership, and our mission.



President: president@spokanemountaineers.org
Vice President: vicepresident@spokanemountaineers.org
Secretary: secretary@spokanemountaineers.org
Treasurer: treasurer@spokanemountaineers.org


Committees provide the structure upon which the club's activities are built.  Committee chairs are nominated by the committees and appointed by the president with the approval of the Board.  Any club member can volunteer to serve on any committee. These committees are responsible for creating a schedule of events and providing activity leaders and school directors, informing the Board about community and political happenings, and proposing actions to the Board concerning committee business.


Climbing Committee
Conducts and manages all technical climbing-related activities and events. Administers Mountain School, Rock School and various other climbing related educational opportunities.

Hiking Committee
Organizes and conducts all hiking activities, including day hikes, backpack trips, snowshoe activities and the annual Backpack School class.

Mountain Biking Committee
Organizes and leads mountain biking events and clinics.

Paddle Committee
Organizes and leads lake and river kayaking and canoeing events.

Road Biking Committee
Organizes and leads road biking events.

Skiing Committee
Organizes and leads cross-country, back-country and downhill ski events. Provides educational opportunities for winter backcountry skills.

Social Committee
Organizes club social events including potlucks and parties.

Leadership Committee
Provides quality leadership training for club members who may lead club events.


Conservation Committee
Tracks and reports conservation issues; Organizes activism as needed. Provides funding for area conservation projects.

Centennial Trail Committee
Manages the fees and cleanup of the club-sponsored Mile 17 on the Spokane Centennial Trail.


Editorial Committee
Responsible for quarterly Kinnikinnick newsletter production and annual printed membership roster.

Membership Committee
Maintains and updates membership list and provides reports as needed. Provides materials and information for membership promotions and general membership meetings.

Maintains library of books and maps for club member use.

Maintains archive of club activities, photos and documents.

Chalet Committee
Manages activities, use and maintenance of club chalet on Mt. Spokane

Electronic Communications Committee
Manages club website and electronic communication tools used by the club.  VP is responsible for social media branding and public interaction efforts.

Risk Management Committee (ad hoc)
Minimizes club liability through risk assessment and mitigation.


Adventure Exploration Committee
Raises money to fund club-sponsored expeditions.

Awards Committee
Provides recognition of outstanding volunteer work for the Club.

Nominations Committee (ad hoc)

Collects all nominations for elected positions and provides support/monitoring for annual Club elections.