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Privacy Policy

We will use the information contained in your membership application to provide your name, address, home phone and email in our annual membership directory and on the password protected member pages of this site in the on-line membership directory, unless you tell us otherwise. If you prefer for any reason NOT to have your personal information shared in this manner, please let us know by checking the box on the membership application to permit this exclusion. If you opt out of providing your information publicly, we will keep it for our private records and will not make it available to the membership in printed or electronic format. We will respect your wish for privacy, provided you let us know your needs.

We do not make our physical and/or electronic mailing lists, contact information, member roster, or other data collected on our members and membership activities available to other organizations except in limited circumstances and only upon approval of the Board of Trustees. Any such disclosure is limited to like-minded organizations when the need relates to a matter of general interest to our membership and includes a specific restriction on further use beyond the one-time grant. In no event will the Mountaineers sell this information or allow it to be used for commercial purposes.

Disclosure of private information is only permitted if such disclosure is required by law, or we have made a good faith determination that such disclosure is necessary to enforce the Terms of Use, or is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of the Spokane Mountaineers, its officers and trustees, its pool of volunteers, or its membership.

Terms of Use

In using our web site, you are expressly agreeing to the following Terms of Use. If you fail to comply with these Terms of Use, we may suspend or terminate your use of our website and/or your membership in the Spokane Mountaineers in our sole discretion.

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  9. You will not use the web site to promote your own commercial venture. Occasional offers to sell used outdoor gear are permitted from time-to-time.
  10. You will not sell or provide public access to information contained on the web site.
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  14. Our liability for any damages you could suffer as a result of your use of this web site is limited to the greater of the amount of fees you paid us during the twelve months immediately preceding the action giving rise to sue damages or $100.
  15. We may but are not required to take action to attempt to resolve disputes between members.
  16. If there is a dispute between you and the Spokane Mountaineers or its officers or trustees acting in their official capacities, and such dispute cannot be resolved by the parties working together, such dispute will be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association with a venue of Spokane, Washington.
  17. You agree not to use the Spokane Mountaineers logo, or other proprietary information, including the information and content contained on the web site for any reason, except as otherwise permitted by law, or as expressly permitted in writing by the Board of Trustees.