Mountain Gear HQ, Mansfield
Mountain Gear Corporate, East Mansfield Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA, United States
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***Note, January 10th: Please see updated location for this meeting.*** All members are invited to join the spring planning meeting. We will be planning the spring schedule, March-May for late-season snowshoe, spring dayhikes, and spring backpack trips, as well as the upcoming backpack school (this meeting will serve as BP School Instructor Meeting #2). For those who like to plan farther ahead, it's never too early to discuss the summer schedule, too! Approved hike leaders may begin to enter event information at any time, with a final due date of February 1st for the spring Kinni. Prospective leaders should review requirements on the document page and complete & send the leadership questionnaire prior to the meeting. We can work on the co-lead requirement at the meeting.