Dec 12, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Beacon and Beers 2017 Description: This is a casual event put on in the community by Travis Nichols, but co-hosted by the mountaineers who contribute by setting up a multiple burial scenario (thanks Bill and Deb). When: Tuesday December 12, 2017. Gathering around 6:00 p.m. order a beer and tell stories, head to the park when most are ready. Where: Award winning South Perry Brewing, a stroll to Grant Park where it will be cold, then to The Lantern Taphouse for a debrief session, stories, beverage and some trivia. Why: We all need a reminder of how much left there is to learn each season. Who: Invite your friends! There is no registration or formal leadership for this event. This is a six degrees of separation event where friends invite friends, host their friends, and introduce friends to other new friends and learn from each other. Feel free to make invitations to your friends but you won't find this in Outthere Monthly or The Inlander. What: *disclaimer: this is not a formal avalanche instruction event, but a disorganized, peer to peer lead event where folks can share knowledge. There is no formal instruction, registration, leadership or certification, yet this grassroots gathering of fellow snow enthusiasts are looking to gear up for the season ahead and connect with other like minded folks. This event is not adequate for any avalanche related decision making, including how to conduct a beacon search. Please bring a beacon and an idea for a scenario that you will encounter this winter. After warming up we will head to the park and break into practice groups and run two to three drills depending on proficiency. Peer to peer education is the source of learning in this format, be sure to bring appropriate pocket beverages for warmth in the park. The logic of this training is that if you can run a search scenario while highly intoxicated, you should be able to respond to a live burial while filled with adrenaline. That is the theory anyway. Remember to dress warm, bring a working headlamp & a pocket beverage for the park. If you have spare beacons it would be appreciated if you bring it along to share for those without. After the field practice we will return to The Lantern Taphouse for more stories, trip planning and a run at avalanche trivia.