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Chalet Work Day

Trip date: 10/22/2006
Reported by: Jeff Lambert

The weather was beautiful with temperatures in the 50s, fall colors and views to the Idaho Selkirks. The work included deep cleaning the inside, clearing a firebreak around the building, clearing the trails and bringing in firewood. Work was done by 1 pm and we had a great potluck. Six Gonzaga student members were there as well as four children and two high school students. We want to thank all of the volunteers.

Awesome volunteers included:
Rich Bennett
Lily & Claire Bennett
Sara Schmelzer
Linda Nowak
Eric Christianson
Emily & Tor Christianson
Lauren Miles
Cristina Burlac
Paul Evans
Holly Weiler
Tony Emerson
Paul Palumbo
Alyse Loran
Lauren O'Connor
Colby Potter
Steven Forner
Jeff Lambert
Rachel Paris-Lambert
Norm Ogden
Dan Tierney
Fred Oberdorfer
Chic Burge
Gabe & Andrea Smoley