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Ski Tour with WWA and MBA

Trip date: 02/19/2011
Reported by: Eric Ryan

On Feburary 19th 2011 some Spokane Mountaineers and Stevens Peak Backcountry Coalition members did a ski tour to Boulder Basin with Forrest McCarthy from the Winter Wildland Alliance.  Forrest is the public lands director for WWA.  He was on a road trip visiting other groups in the Northwest who are working on issues related to preserving human powered winter activities.  We were also joined on this tour by some members of the Montana Backcountry Alliance and Wildlands CPR.  It was a great opportunity for us to show our fellow backcountry ski colleges the Boulder Basin/Stevens Peak area.  We had a wonderful day of skiing and were able to explain some of the issues facing this unique area.  The Lookout Pass ski area expansion and encroachment of the modern high-powered snow machines are two of the big issues we are concerned about. 

The Spokane Mountaineers began propsing a non-motorized winter recreation area around Stevens Peak back in 2003.  This included Boulder Basin, Lone Lake, Stevens Lake, Copper lake, and portions of the St. Regis Lakes basin.  We have continued to request protection for this area from the governing land managers, however there has not been a clear direction for them to do anything.  We have also been unsure of how to further proceed with our envisioned plan.  Now with the Lookout Pass ski area looking to expand, it has brought the area to higher attention in the Forrest Service.  The coming months (and years) will be a critical time for this area.  I would encourage all of the Spokane Mountaineers to get involved in preserving the Stevens Peak area. 

In the future, Forrest and the whole WWA team will be a big help in our winter conservation efforts.  We also hope stay in contact with MBA and Wildands CPR to provide mutual support for the issues facing all of our organizations. 

Note: See the link for below for more informaiton on the Stevens Peak Backcountry Coalition and some video from our ski tour.

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