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2011 Groundhogs Day Ski Tour

Trip date: 02/02/2011
Reported by: Eric Ryan

Following the January 30th ski tour in the St. Regis basin the weather turned cold and clear.  After a couple of cold nights the conditions set up for an epic ski day.  It was time to call in sick and get an impromptu group together.  I contacted about 15 people and unbelievably none could go on Tuesday, Feb 1.  However, I got 4 takers for Feb 2.  We again headed for the beyond St. Regis pass, behind Lookout Pass ski area.  Using our Jan 30 up track we did a SE tree run variation.  The snow was a little sun effected, but the line through the old growth trees was a lot of fun.  After a quick snack in the basin, we climbed up the opposite side known as "the Fairways."  It was cold in the shade, so the sun sure felt good on top of the ridge.  Our next run went down into Copper lake.  The snow quality was excellent and good visibility was a blessing.  The hard part was breaking trail back up to the top of the Fairways.  We were running late, but willing to put in some over time.  We skiied a run of "loud powder" (faceted snow from the cold weather) through the Fairways and then headed for home.

We had a great day and had high hopes it would continue to repeat, like Bill Murray's Groundhog Day movie.  Unfortunately, the next day we ended up back at work.   Darn.

One added note on this tour and the Jan. 30th tour.  The area we skiied is currently being considered for development by Lookout Pass ski area.  It has also long bin part of a proposal by the Spokane Mountaineers for a non-motorized winter recreation area around Stevens Peak.  It is a critical time for all of our members to get involved and help determine the best plans for this wonderful area.  Consider getting involved with the BC ski committee and the Stevens Peak Backcountry Coalition (linked below).

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