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Iller Creek Trail Work

Trip date: 09/19/2009
Reported by: Jeff Lambert

The Washington Trails Assn has designed and constructed trails from Holman Road into the Iller Creek Conservation Area. The first trail headed up the east ridge with a gentle grade and switchbacks. The trail through along the shady Iller Creek has been turned into a loop trail. While still rough, this loop trail is a great route for the bird watchers and native plant lovers. It is always a great day to do trail work. Thanks to the many people who have helped. Better trails are also being constructed from Iller Creek all the way to Big Rock. Both the east ridge trail and the creek side trail continue to the privately owned Big Rock property. The owner is the Dishman Hills Natural Area Assn. They welcome visitors who stay on designated trails. Please respect the efforts to close trails. These trails are closed because they are steep and eroding or proceed to private property closed to the public. Signs are often removed by scoff-laws. You can tell a trail is closed if branches and logs are placed across the trail. Often a plastic mesh is placed on the closed trail to minimize erosion. Don't remove the mesh or debris. Jane Baker is the local WTA volunteer who organizes and leads the trail work. She spends hundreds of hours doing trail work. Be sure to thank her if you see her. Alan Mortimer Carter comes over from Seattle with trail design skills and a truck-load of tools.

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