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Big Rock Acquired for Conservation

Trip date: 06/24/2009
Reported by: Jeff Lambert

Today the Dishman Hills Natural Area Association (DHNAA) acquired the iconic Big Rock property located at the south end of the Dishman Hills. The Big Rock property is characterized by several large granitic rocks rising up from the ridgline, a rich ecosystem and prime wildlife habitat. From the rocks one has views south over the Palouse to Steptoe Butte and north over the Spokane Valley and Mt. Spokane. Big Rock is a gigantic rock extending 230’ from the ground surface that is visible for several miles.
The Big Rock property is adjacent to and accessible through the Spokane County Iller Creek Conservation Area and the existing DHNAA Rocks of Sharon Conservation Area. Future plans may allow public access via Stevens Creek Road, but that access is not now open.
Big Rock will be incorporated with the nearby Rocks of Sharon properties for a total of 430 acres (110 acres from Olsen+ 240 acres from DNR+ 80 acres of Big Rock). The Iller Creek Conservation Area consists of 876 acres. This 1306-acre area is part of the wildlife corridor from Turnbll National Wildlife Refuge with the habitat of the Dishman Hills.
Allowed Uses: The Big Rock property is open for limited public use via the Holman Road trailhead that is part of the Iller Creek Conservation Area.
Long-Range Plans: DHNAA is working hard on the Dream Trail Connector to protect a wildlife and recreation corridor from the Dishman Hills Natural Area near Appleway to the Rocks of Sharon Conservation Area and Big Rock on the south. DHNAA has already acquired some property along the Dream Trail corridor. Additional acquisitions and easements in conjunction with other property owners are in the planning stages.
Dishman Hills Natural Area Association: DHNAA was founded in 1966 and is a private conservation organization that owns several parcels in the Dishman Hills dedicated to protecting important ecological systems as well as a perfect nearby setting for study of the Ice Age Floods that swept through the Spokane area. The best known property is part of the Dishman Hills Natural Area that is jointly managed with the Spokane County Parks and Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources. The Nature Conservancy provided critical support in the early days. Now, DHNAA owns over 750-acres in the Dishman Hills and with your help, we will continue to preserve and protect these natural areas forever.
For more information contact President Michael Hamilton at 509 747-8147 or visit our website at www.dhnaa.org . DHNAA membership is $15 and donations are tax-deductible. Make check payable to DHNAA and mail to:
3415 S. Lincoln Dr.
Spokane, WA 99203

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