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Dishman Hills Natural Area Hike

Trip date: 11/02/2008
Reported by: Jeff Lambert

About 12 hikers joined me for an easy hike through the Dishman Hills Natural Area. We hiked about four miles in a loop from Camp Caro. We started by hiking past the old Boy Scout Camp site and through the Enchanted Ravine. We took the Ridge Top Trail further south until we arrived at the area affected by the fire this summer. The Natural Area will leave the few trees that were killed in place. Most of the trees in the Natural Area were not killed. We viewed the logged area on private property to the south near 24th Avenue. The route continued on the Eagle Peak Loop back to Tower Mtn Trail that continues south of the Natural Area through private property. The property owners to the south suffered almost a total loss of timber and logged most everything. We hiked back by the ponds on the northwest corner of the property. The ponds were dry but some of our hikers had not been there before. This easy to find and easy to hike Natural Area is always worth a visit when time is short. For more information go to www.DHNAA.org .

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