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Trip date: 11/11/2007
Reported by: Jeff Lambert

The trip started the day after the Saturday night banquet. We received only hoots of derision about our decision to backpack to American Falls in November – especially with snow and rain forecast for the typically dismal upper Priest River area. But we fooled them.

Our group was led by Holly Weiler who has little sense of mere mortal frailties. She regularly schedules impossible events such as 40 to 60-mile backpacks in three or four days. She was joined by Galen Chamberlain, Lorna Emerich and myself Jeff Lambert. We were a very able crew who could survive bad weather with good humor. The concern was unfounded. The weather was perfect on our hike in. The grandeur of the giant cedars all along the eight-mile long trail along Upper Priest River would have been wonderful in bad weather. We had total solitude and near silence on the late fall walk in.

Galen started a huge campfire. We chatted for a while before a long night of sleep waking up to no precipitation of any kind. It started snowing only as we began to hike out. The snow falling on cedars was beautiful and soothing. No wind so the flakes fell gently down. The wood walkways that had been slick with frost towards the end of the first day hiking in were safe on the walk out. We all jumped from rock to rock to cross the streams except Galen trudged through in his "water-proof" boots.

So we had a delightful time and y'all missed out.

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