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Glacier National Park Backpack

Trip date: 08/18/2006
Reported by: Jon Isacoff

Leader:  Jon Isacoff - Backpackers:  Lee Merrill, Paul Evans, Clint Evans, Chris Thompson, JoJo Warner, and Jim Lendenfelser
Glacier National Park is truly a backpacker’s paradise! This trip, a first for everyone, was a huge success. The weather was perfect and the Grizzlies behaved themselves. We backpacked to three alpine lakes in three nights, with two side trips to the Continental Divide. Many a goat and sheep were seen along the way. On the first day, JoJo and Jim did their best mountain goat imitation by scrambling a 1,000 ridge--almost straight up to the Divide, and meeting the rest of us who took the civilized route (i.e., the trail!). This is definite a “must do” destination for all who love backpacking in wild, awesome mountains.