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Scotchman Peak

Trip date: 10/15/2006
Reported by: Jon Isacoff

Leader: Jon Isacoff – Hikers: Tess Foster, Denny Palmer, Becca Goehner, Brett Wagner, Brock Baker, Rich Bennett, and Sara Schmelzer
Cold, wet, miserable… or awesome if you like hard, sweaty hikes in lousy weather! After a large amount of interest, this co-sponsored hike with Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness had a few no-shows when the forecast was for 40s and steady rain. And for once, the forecast was accurate. Of the 8 hikers, only 3 went to the very top. The noteworthy prize for doing so was that the horizontal rain turned to horizontal ice and snow – the kind that pelts you right in the face. This was the kind of hike that makes you wonder why you love hiking only to realize that that’s exactly the point: you love hiking!