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Hells Canyon Backpack

Trip date: 03/23/2007
Reported by: Debb Hansen

There is a stark beauty here 
In this vast chasm of the earth 
Ragged vertical walls 
Where only the mountain sheep exist 
And play in the craggy shadows 
Of the jagged ridges 
There is an ancient feel 
As my eyes scan the rugged country 
And follow the winding green river 
As it makes its way 
Through the twisted gorge 
Harsh winds howl here 
In this unforgiving land 
Almost void of trees 
Roofed by blue skies and 
Puffy white clouds 
Only hinting of the summers 
Scorching heat 
I sit on a rock 
High on the canyon wall 
Along the narrow hiking trail 
I am in awe 
Mesmerized by the harsh beauty 
The sublime grandeur 
My soul is at peace