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Take a look and see what the Spokane Mountaineers are up to! Click on a trip title link for trip details.

Category Trip Date Trip Title Trip Summary Posted By
Social 10/17/2015 The Spokane Mountaineers Turn 100! Our planning is well underway. We are turning 100 and are making quite a to-do about it! Stacey Sorg
Skiing 01/08/2014 Winter Backcountry Travel Course Learning To Be Confident And Safe Where It's Steep & Deep Chuck Huber
Social 11/02/2013 2013 Spokane Mountaineers Banquet Rocks! We gather to honor our schools, our history, and eat, drink and be merry! Stacey Sorg
Climbing 07/02/2013 Climbing Mt Fuji We climbed the classic Yoshidaguchi climing trail from Fujiyoshia, Japan to the summit. Brian Hoots
Historian 11/03/2012 Annual Banquet 2012 Annual Banquet Was A Smash! Steve Reynolds
Climbing 06/10/2012 Mountain School Photo Gallery 2012 Memories of Mountain School 2012 Chuck Huber
Adventure Exploration 04/08/2012 Mount Fairweather: Video by Bryson Williams Mount Fairweather: Video by Bryson Williams Bryson Williams
Climbing 03/07/2012 Mountain School 2012 Director's Report Richard Lauridsen
Climbing 06/12/2011 Unicorn Peak Club climb on Unicorn Peak in the Tatoosh Range at Mt. Rainier National Park. Richard Lauridsen
Skiing 03/12/2011 March 12 2011 Backcountry Ski Tour to Sherman Pass Eric Ryan
Skiing 02/19/2011 Ski Tour with WWA and MBA Ski tour to Boulder Basin with WWA, MBA, and Wildlands CPR Eric Ryan
Skiing 02/02/2011 2011 Groundhogs Day Ski Tour Ski Touring near Lookout Pass Eric Ryan
Skiing 01/30/2011 Jan 30 2011 Backcountry Ski Tour Ski touring the St. Regis basin near Lookout Pass Eric Ryan
Volunteer Projects 09/19/2009 Iller Creek Trail Work Washington Trails Assn is working with local groups to design and build trails in the Iller Creek Conservation Area from Holman Road. The Mountaineers are helping to build the trails. Jeff Lambert
Conservation 07/23/2009 Grant Received for Connecting Nature in Dishman Hills The Inland NW Trails Coalition has received a grant to assist with the Dream Trail in the Dishman Hills. The Dream Trail Conservation Corridor is a proposed link between the Dishman Hills Natural Area and the Iller Creek Conservation Area. Th Jeff Lambert
Climbing 07/01/2009 SUCCESSFUL SUMMIT Spokane Mountaineers Denali 2009 (SMD9) Denali Team SMD9 Summits on June 9 Daniel Coslic
Conservation 06/24/2009 Big Rock Acquired for Conservation The Big Rock property was acquired by the Dishman Hills Natural Area Assn and will be permanently protected from development, managed to enhance the natural resources and used for limited recreation. Jeff Lambert
Membership 06/01/2009 Benefits of Membership The Spokane Mountaineers have a broad range of outdoor activities for members including backpacking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, paddling, skiing and road biking. Don't know how We weill teach you. Jeff Lambert
Conservation 05/28/2009 2001 Roadless Rule Directive The Spokane Mountaineers have endorsed the Roadless Jeff Lambert
Conservation 05/04/2009 Washington State cuts Recreation Funding The 2009 Washngton State Legislature cut recreation and conservation funding by slashing the Wildlife and Recreation Program to $70 Million and eliminating local grants through the NOVA program. Jeff Lambert
Conservation 11/02/2008 Dishman Hills Natural Area Hike We hiked from Camp Caro to the south boundary where the Valley View fire swept through. Jeff Lambert
Conservation 01/31/2008 January Conservation Report Conservation activities included work on Big Rock acquisition, Mt. Spokane ski area expansion opposition, Idaho Roadless Rule and the Spokane County Trails Plan. Jeff Lambert
Conservation 12/17/2007 December Conservation Report Voters approve Conservation Futures Tax, Parks get closer to starting EIS on Mt. Spokane Alpine Ski Area Expansion and a few modest donations. Jeff Lambert
Climbing 11/13/2007 To the top of the world There's a new article on climber Kay LeClaire in Prime Magazine. Check it out! Web Master
Hiking 11/11/2007 AMERICAN FALLS BACKPACK A backpack in November to the rainy Upper Priest River Jeff Lambert
Climbing 04/21/2007 Stevens Peak Climb A climb for the Mountain School II Advanced Crevasse Rescue seminar Roland Lamarche
Hiking 03/23/2007 Hells Canyon Backpack A poem by Debb Hansen Debb Hansen
Hiking 03/10/2007 Imnaha River A poem by Debb Hansen Debb Hansen
Skiing 01/20/2007 Geophysical Ski Tour A “soft-core” ski tour over the Geophysical Nordic Ski and Mountain Bike Trails northeast of Newport . Frank Slak
Hiking 01/14/2007 Ross Creek Cedars Snowshoe A very cold snowshoe into the Ross Creek Cedars Natural Area. Jon Isacoff
Hiking 11/05/2006 Mickinnick Trail Hike With sunshine and beautiful weather, 10 mountaineers hiked the new Mickinnick trail just west of Sandpoint Galen Chamberlain
Chalet 10/22/2006 Chalet Work Day On Sunday, October 22, we had 26 folks show up on our Chalet Work Day. Jeff Lambert
Hiking 10/15/2006 Scotchman Peak Cold, wet, miserable… or awesome if you like hard, sweaty hikes in lousy weather! Jon Isacoff
Mountain Biking 10/14/2006 Overcoming My Rock Nemesis at American Falls Today would test whether I’d made any progress in negotiating my bike over rocky trails... Diana Roberts
Mountain Biking 10/13/2006 Priest Lake Mountain Bike Weekend 2006 Fabulous trails, food and friends are the recipe for an unforgettable mountain bike weekend. Lisa Giegel
Hiking 09/19/2006 Hall Mountain Hike This is the story of my attempts to hike Hall Mountain, the 6,323-foot peak looming over Sullivan Lake in Pend Oreille County. Holly Weiler
Climbing 09/16/2006 Moses Lake Coulee Climbing September 16th started out bright and sunny for our trip to climb the Coulee’s around Moses Lake. Roland Lamarche
Hiking 08/18/2006 Glacier National Park Backpack Glacier National Park is truly a backpacker’s paradise! Jon Isacoff
Hiking 08/03/2006 Kokanee Provincial Park Backpack This adventure includes a hike to Lemon Pass and Sapphire Lakes. Chris Thompson
Climbing 07/28/2006 Mount Stuart West Ridge At 9,415 feet, it is the 7th largest peak in Washington. Tim Hanson
Climbing 05/10/2006 She's back! Member Kay LeClaire on her 2006 climb of Mt. Everest. Web Master
Road Biking 05/24/2002 Bike trip to Alaska Ken and Rita bicycle to BC, Yukon and Alaska Web Master