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Schools and Clinics

The Spokane Mountaineers conduct a number of diverse schools which prepare the student for various outdoor skills and activities. Schools range from evening seminars to long, comprehensive schools like the Mountain School and the Backpacking School. These schools are generally designed for the beginning student to learn new outdoor skills although we also conduct advanced training for students to go beyond the basics. These schools are a great place to learn new skills, have fun, and meet new friends. Instructors and leaders of the schools are all volunteers and most have been through the schools themselves. Take advantage of these opportunities, stretch yourself, learn some new skills and meet some people who may well become friends for a lifetime.

The following links direct you to more detailed information:

School Activity/Committee
Advanced Seminars and Classes Climbing
Lead Rock Climbing School 2015 Climbing
Mountain School 2015 Climbing
Rock School 2015 Climbing
Backpack School 2015 Hiking
Leadership Training Seminar Leadership
Avalanche Awareness Skiing
Introduction to Backcountry Skiing Skiing
Winter Backcountry Travel Skiing

Registration is required for all courses and is open only to Spokane Mountaineer Members 15 years of age and older, with the exception of the Youth Rock Climbing School. If under 18, a signed form giving parental permission must be provided. Permission forms are available from instructors.