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Photo Galleries

Members of the Spokane Mountaineers are always on some fun and exciting adventure. This is where we showcase our trips and take you along for the ride!

Pick a category and then find a fun photo tour:

This includes alpine, rock and ice! Enjoy!
Conservation protects our dwindling wild lands. Check out the folks who are out there doing just that.
What a fun way to experience the outdoors! You can see our members have hiked and backpacked all over the state of Washington and beyond.
Mountain Biking
All things mountain biking!
Picture of the Week
These are exceptional photographs submitted by our members. One is selected to display on our website's home page every week!
Cross-country or downhill skiing anyone? Post those photos here!
When we're not on an adventure we're sharing fun times together.
Volunteer Projects
From cleanups to trail building. We've got a great group of volunteers!