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Search and Rescue Committee

Purpose: Spokane Mountaineers Search and Rescue Committee (SMSAR) is a collaboration to provide an outlet for our members to participate in adult search and rescue activities within our community.

Committee chair:

The Spokane Mountaineers Search and Rescue Team (SMSAR) became an active part of the Spokane County Search and Rescue community in 2004.  This community is a coalition of teams who are members of the Spokane County Search and Rescue Council. The Council is composed of nine all-volunteer teams that respond at the request of the Spokane County Sheriff's Department.  Each individual team and individual member brings unique skills and experiences to the Spokane Search and Rescue community.

SMSAR was formed in response to a need in our community for an adult search and rescue team.  The club has provided volunteers who are highly motivated and well-trained for when the community needs them.  Many of our volunteers are those who enjoy the outdoors and working with and helping others.  Our personality types are primarily adventurous and therefore we have a broad range of useful skill sets that compliment our search techniques.  Available 24/7/365, we look forward to helping others in predicaments or to assist family members locate their loved ones.

In May of 2009, The Spokane Mountaineers and the Inland Northwest Search and Rescue formed a collaboration.   This moved the active search team responsibilities to INSAR and other teams within the Spokane County SAR Council and formed a committee within the Spokane Mountaineers.  The committee's responsibilities are changing, but the primary mission is to maintain a collaboration with INSAR and other teams so our members have an outlet for their energy and efforts to give back to the community in yet another manner.  Since many of our members are skilled in the outdoors, working with SAR has been a great fit and rewarding effort.  For more information about INSAR and becoming a member of the search and rescue community, contact info@insar.us

SMSAR committee members have participates in many different types of searches as well as other community related activities in Washington state.  These activities include: searching for lost hikers, missing Alzheimer's patients, urban searches, downed aircraft, recovery of evidence, recovery of the deceased, assisting with natural disasters and other community services such as education and wilderness safety.

For questions regarding the Spokane Mountaineers Search and Rescue Committee please send an e-mail to sar_lead@spokanemountaineers.org