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Chalet Committee

Purpose: Manage and maintain the Spokane Mountaineer's chalet and property on Mt. Spokane.

Committee chair:

Chalet rules

1.      All members of your group who plan to stay overnight must park beneath the power lines in the Mountaineers’ parking area to avoid a ticket or possibly even being towed. 

a.       Parking is allowed in ALL Mount Spokane State Park lots between 6am and 10pm.  After 10pm, illegally parked cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.

b.      In the summer there is limited parking at the chalet itself.  No state parks permits are required on Mountaineers’ property.

c.       As of July 2011, a state parks Discover Pass is required for parking in all summer-access parking lots (including the parking area beneath the powerlines).  It is also required for all winter parking lots that do not require a SnoPark permit (check with the park if you are unsure about the parking lot you intend to use).

d.      If accessing the chalet FOR DAY-USE ONLY during the winter months, you may choose to park in the SnoPark lot—SnoPark permit required.

2.      Check with the chalet chair a few days before your planned trip to ensure you have the correct key code.  It changes 3-4 times on a normal year, and more often if there are..um…problem guests.

3.      Sign in on the chalet book (near the kitchen counter) when you arrive—this applies to all members of your group.  We try to keep an accurate count of how many user visits occur each year.

4.      The chalet is for members and guests of members (& a member must be present when guests visit); it is not to be rented out.

5.      Children (17 & under) may not be left unattended at the chalet or on the mountaineers’ property; an adult must be present at all times.

6.      Pets are not allowed inside the chalet.  There is rodent poison out in various locations inside the chalet; it is for your pets’ well-being that they are not allowed inside!

7.      No smoking inside the chalet.

8.      You will need to pack in all water for your event/trip.

a.       [winter] You could also melt snow. 

b.      [summer] There is an old path that drops down to Brickle Creek near the power line trail.  This water is okay for washing/cooking so long as it is boiled first.  Filter if you intend to drink it!

9.      There is electricity in the chalet, but you'll need to turn the breaker box on when you enter.  It is past the kitchen and to the right of the old entrance (there is a big door to nowhere next to the breaker box). 

10.  The firewood is stored to the left of the old entrance; please refill the box before you leave (we keep the extra firewood in the basement - the light switch for the basement is by the front door). 

a.       Do not chop kindling upstairs.  You may think you’re really good at it, but the floor in front of the wood bin proves that people don’t always have the good aim they think they do.  All wood splitting/chopping/kindling-making should take place in the basement or outside.  Yeah, I know, it’s cold.  Wear a coat.

11.  [winter] Depending on when the chalet was last used and how much snow we've had, you may need to shovel the deck and the path to the outhouse. 

a.       I can’t believe that I actually have to tell people this, but due to recent events…it is absolutely NOT okay to urinate on the chalet deck.  Nor is it okay to urinate around the outside of the chalet.  Use the outhouse, please!  If you are morally opposed to an outhouse, remember that Leave-No-Trace rules dictate that you urinate/defecate at least 200’ from camp (the chalet!) and water sources.  If it’s the latter, you must use a cat hole (6’ deep) to bury waste.  If it’s winter and you have to defecate anywhere other than in the outhouse, you have to blue-bag it (for those who don’t know what that means: Pack it out.  Yeah, that’s gross.  Just use the outhouse!)  For more information, please read the chalet copy of How to Shit in the Woods.  Yeah, it’s a real book; it’s actually pretty good!   

12.  [winter] There are two stoves for heat: one near the kitchen and one in the living room.  Keep the doors closed on both stoves—if burning wood falls out of the stove, it could catch the place on fire!  (All chalet visitors are responsible for fire safety.)  Please do not use the open-hearth fireplace in the living room - it tends to let a lot of smoke in, and you can't leave it unattended.  It will take a couple hours to warm the chalet up as the temperature inside is typically about the same as whatever the nighttime temperature was the night before (so it's typically colder inside than out when you first arrive!). 

13.  Don’t leave food out overnight—there are mice in the chalet, and perhaps some bigger creatures, too (we had a report of a wood rat about a year ago…just sayin’).  Store food in the fridge or in rodent-proof containers.  It also works to put food into bags and hang the bags from the dining area coat hangers—kinda like a bear bag for inside use.  If you notice a lot of mouse sign, set some mouse traps or locate the mouse poison & put out extra.

14.  Bring your own bedding—there are sleeping bags & blankets up there, but no guarantee that they are clean!

15.  The chalet is a club-house, so you may arrive and discover other members are present (or other members may show up at any time).  Be a good neighbor when other members are using the chalet at the same time you are using it; observe typical “quiet hours” and share the space equitably. 

16.  Wash, dry and replace all dishes/utensils before you go. 

17.  The kitchen sink drains into a big bucket and you'll need to keep an eye on it so it doesn't overflow - just dump it over the deck railing before you leave.  The bucket is for washing water only—all food scraps should be in the garbage.

18.  Pack it in, pack it out—take all garbage with you.  Check the fridge to make sure you didn’t forget anything.  Food left behind may be removed at any time (exception: clearly labeled non-perishables in rodent-proof containers may be stored in the cupboards (or with the metal food bins) until the pull date.  Put your name on it unless you intend to share with anyone who happens by.

19.  Keep it clean (better than you found it!)—wash all countertops and tabletops before you leave.  Vacuum the floors.  Sweep or mop in the kitchen.

20.  Be sure to turn the breakers to the off position before you leave. [Exception: leave the fridge breaker “on” at all times.  It’s taped to the “on” position, so it shouldn’t be hard to remember.]

21.  Call or email the chalet chair if you notice any chalet problems or needs!  Thanks!



(last updated 11/27/2012)