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Adventure Exploration Committee

Purpose: Fund and promote special expeditions, activities, and projects.

Committee chair:

Adventure - Exploration assists with funding activities that are above and beyond the common events/activities found by members in the Kinnickinick.  We raise funds at the Annual Banquet by coordinating a Silent Auction.  These funds can be requested from the committee by submitting a written proposal for the amount of funds, the use of funds, and describing to the committee how this event/activity will enhance our organization.

Previously funded requests include: 2004 climbing trip to the Adament Range in Alberta, Canada, 2007 through 2009 climbing expedition on Mt. Rainier to raise funds for SADS (www.sads.org), 2009 cross-country solo bike expedition, 2009 climbing trip to Denali, etc.

To inspire other to request funding, we request a write up for the Kinnickinick or a presentation at a General Membership meeting.  Membership in the club is required of all members of your party to receive funding from the A&E Committee.