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Committees provide the structure upon which the activities build. Committee chairs are appointed by the president with the approval of the Board, and any member can volunteer to serve on any committee. These committees are responsible for creating a schedule of events for the coming quarter, informing the Board about community and political happenings, and proposing actions to the Board concerning committee business.

Many Mountaineers become involved in the club by serving on committees. If you are interested in joining a particular committee, call or e-mail the committee chair or anyone on that committee. They will let you know how to become involved. New committees can also be started by interested persons with Board approval. Below is a brief description of currently functioning committees.

  • Activity committees: plan and sponsor Mountaineer activities, schools, and seminars. Some of the activity committees have posted additional information on this site. Click on a specific committeee in the left navigation menu to see what they've added.
    1. Climbing Committee: rock, alpine, and ice climbing.
    2. Hiking Committee: day hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing.
    3. Mountain Biking Committee: mountain biking for everyone
    4. Paddle Committee: canoeing, kayaking.
    5. Road Biking Committee: .
    6. Search and Rescue Committee: conducts Search and Rescue missions in and around the Spokane area.
    7. Skiing Committee: cross country, backcountry, downhill skiing.
    8. Social Committee: potlucks and parties.
    9. Leadership Committee: Enhancing leadership within the organization.

  • Public affairs committees: address public issues of importance to Mountaineers.
    1. Conservation Committee: tracks and reports upon conservation issues.
    2. Centennial Trail Committee: clean up of Mile 17 on the Centennial Trail.

  • Administrative committees: perform vital services for all club members.
    1. Editorial Committee: produces Kinnikinnick.
    2. Membership Committee: maintains and updates membership list.
    3. Librarian: maintains library of mountaineering books for member use. .
    4. Historian: maintains archive of Mountaineer documents. .
    5. Chalet Committee: oversees maintenance and use of the Chalet. .
    6. Electronic Communications Committee: figures out how the club can make effective use of the internet. .
    7. Risk Management Committee: minimizes club liability. .

  • Special committees: responsible for unique Mountaineer activities.
    1. Adventure Exploration Committee: raises money to fund Mountaineer sponsored expeditions. .
    2. Guidebook Committee: investigates revisions for 100 Hikes in the Inland Northwest. .