Mountain Biking Clinics (2)

  • We are pleased to announce that Kyle from Ride Dynamics is back and that there are 2 mountain biking clinics available this spring:

    1. May 14 2017: Trail Active:

    New for Ride Dynamics and The Mountaineers! Riders with some miles under their tires and grit in their smiles build on basics to take their riding to the next level. The skills for faster cornering, wheel lifts, and drops combine to help you to reduce or accentuate trail features at your choice. This is being trail active and it’s where you want to be. To reserve your spot, please email Jeff at jeffreymergler at or call 201-981-8179. Count: min 5, max 8 Location: Camp Sekani Date: Sun. May 14 Time: 10am - 2pm Cost: $60

    2. 10 June 2017: Trail Ready:

    (This is catered towards the new mountain biker looking to hone some basic skills that even advanced riders sometimes have forgetten about!)

    Description: Ride Dynamics is back to get you "trail ready" for 2017. Trail ready riders use proper body position and cornering technique to add flow to riding varied terrain. We’ll use drills in braking, body control, climbing, descending and shifting to prep for a trail ride to drive that knowledge home. Bikes, skills, and fun make for a great day. See you out there! To reserve your spot, please email Jeff at jeffreymergler at or call 201-981-8179. Count: min 6, max 8 Location: Camp Sekani Date: Sat. April 22 Time: 10am - 2pm Cost: $50

    Please reserve your spot now by going to the event and using the JOIN sign up feature on this website to reserve your place. Cancellations are allowed but please cancel with 48 hours notice so that we can fill your spot from a wait list. If you find that the class is full, please contact Jeff at jeffreymergler at gmail dot com to be placed on the waitlist.

    If you have more questions on the specifics of the agenda or would like more information on Kyle's services, head to or contact Kyle at

    All riders must wear a helmet and bring a mountain bike in good working condition. Kyle will be providing waivers to sign and will collect the fee during the class.